Sector Focus


Strong experience with public, late-stage privates and rapidly-growing technology companies

  • Sector expertise includes Internet, Telecom and Social Media

  • Working with companies that are often highly cash-constrained and have frequent need for financing

Thoughtful, thorough and objective advisory on how to finance growth plans, execute and fund acquisition strategies, and evaluate take-out opportunities and potential go-public considerations

  • Our objective is to leverage our experience to help clients make sound strategic decisions and secure appropriate financing

Traditional corporate finance and M&A advisory

Private Placements and RDs, underwritten offerings and M&A advice - all supported by Benchmark's leading equity research franchise and extensive distribution capability


Strong expertise in Life Sciences and Biotech

  • Experienced in working with companies ranging from Preclinical, Phase 1-3 trials, and Filing to FDA-approved companies

  • Public and late-stage private companies that require access to capital in order to grow

Unique scientific and technical insight into the intricacies of the very complex life sciences industry, including Biotechnology, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Diagnostics sub-sectors

Extensive relationships with highly-specialized healthcare investors and can have senior level access to most companies in the sector

We guide companies through myriad structures and forms of financing (private placements, registered offerings, M&A, confidentially-marketed offerings, etc.) and provide practical solutions for late-stage private companies seeking access to public markets through paths other than the traditional IPO