Clearing Partners

Electronic Transaction Clearing:

Electronic Transaction Clearing (ETC) is a preeminent brokerage and clearing company, which offers clearing, settlement and custodial services to securities industries participants, such as broker-dealers, ATSs (alternative trading systems), routing firms, professional trading firms, black-box trading firms and hedge funds. Since its regulatory approval in July 2009, ETC has routinely cleared a significant percentage of all US daily equities shares volumes. ETC is a member of FINRA, SIPC and all major US stock exchanges.

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Financial Services:

The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Financial Services (“ICBCFS”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (“ICBC”).  ICBCFS provides global clearing, execution and financing services in all major markets to a wide range of institutional clients, as well as, facilities management services. ICBCFS maintains memberships in leading domestic exchanges and clearing organizations, including NYSE, NASDAQ, OCC, DTCC, FICC MBSCC, and possesses local market settlement capabilities throughout the world. Member of SIPC.